More and more often found finishing of terraces are terrace boards, both made of domestic wood, such as larch, but also of more and more popular exotic wood of bangkirai or massaranduba A terrace board made of exotic wood is characterized by very high resistance to weather conditions, which is influenced by very high wood density and high content of tannin. Durability of exotic species is much higher than in domestic species, thanks to which we can enjoy our terrace for many years. Exotic colours of wood used for terraces will certainly satisfy even the most demanding customer. High quality of finishing of terrace wood and special rifling of boards enables safe use of terrace without footwear. Terrace boards are also used at finishing terraces, stairs, swimming pools, platforms, arbors, patios, winter gardens, paths and even fencing.

The most important advantages typical of wooden terraces. The most important ones include naturalness of material, its positive impact on people. They are nice and warm to touch, and during heats they do not heat up. We like to walk barefoot on a wooden floor, as well as sit or lie on it. Wood is ideally integrated with the environment, both overgrown with grass and sandy or rocky.


It is one of the first products obtained by us after cutting a log, timber can be divided into trimmed and non-trimmed timber Depending on dimensions of obtained elements timber can be divided into ranges having the following names:

- boards – elements with the thickness of 19–45 mm
- logs – elements with the thickness of 50–100 mm
- slats – elements with cross-section from 12/24 to 29/70 mm
- patches – elements with cross-section from 32/50 to 75/140 mm
- balks – elements with the section from 100/100 to 180/180 mm
- beams – elements with the section from 120/200 to 220/280 mm


Known also as window scantlings applied in production of windows and doors. Wooden windows mean not only prestige but also elegance and very high product quality. A wooden window is like a high-quality piece of furniture, which is supposed to be integrated with the style of the house. In our offer you will find domestic scantling such as pine, spruce, larch or oak and exotic one, such as red meranti or white meranti.


Wood is a product which we receive as a gift from nature. As a renewable source, it is one of the best building materials, it is associated with nature, it is warm to touch and its technical properties meet the expectations perfectly. One of the proposed applications of wood in construction may be wooden facades –not only do they improve the aesthetic value of the building, but they also improve acoustic insulation, they have excellent "aerating" properties, long story short, they improve permeability and thermal insulation of the building.