FACADES/CELDINGS – wood is a product which we receive as a gift from nature. As a renewable source, it is one of the best building materials, it is associated with nature, it is warm to touch and its technical properties meet the expectations perfectly. One of the proposed applications of wood in construction may be wooden facades –not only do they improve the aesthetic value of the building, but they also improve acoustic insulation, they have excellent "aerating" properties, long story short, they improve permeability and thermal insulation of the building.

Spruce cllading

Spruce cllading can use in exterior part of house. In our offer accesibility spruce Softline
class A/B/C 14x121 3-6m
class klasa B 14x121 3-6m
class klasa A/B 18x121 3-6m
class klasa B 18x121 3-6m

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Meranti cladding

Meranti cllading is wood in colour from light grey to dark brown. Meranti comes from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapur. It looks great with connection in windows made the same species. In our offer You can find as follow.

Meranti cllading in dimmension 21x145

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